Telehealth… LOL!

I was told that the telehealth appointment with Jerah’s psychiatrist would be a voice call only… at 9:20 AM today. So here I am in a ratty T-shirt and sloppy pony tail, Jerah still in his pajamas, and my teeth aren’t in… I am missing a lot of my teeth… because you know… well, meth. I wear a flipper until such time as I get over myself and go have the remaining top teeth pulled for a full upper plate of dentures or implants. Who has time for all that!? I don’t wear the flipper much at home, I use it for when I am out in public (although having to wear a mask means I sometimes leave the flipper in a case in my purse!) So….

Yeah. At 9:30 AM I get a text saying “Please click on this link to join Dr. So-and-so for your video appointment.” (O.o) NICE! I had to run into the bathroom and rinse off the flipper, shove it in my face, run my wet hands over my hair to try to paste it down on my head, and then say to myself, “Oh well. Whatever. It’s Monday. It’s pretty early. Jerah is alive and well and had his breakfast and morning meds, so I am not doing too bad as a parent…”

Telehealth is interesting. It was funny because Doc was wearing a cool headset with a microphone… looks a lot like Jerah’s noise dampening head phones! Jerah was digging that. Jerah needs scripts refilled, and of course, the psychiatrist can/will only write refills for the psych meds.

And since I went and added Jerah to my Blue Care Network insurance, they have TOLD me who his primary care physician is… because the paperwork they sent telling me to pick a primary showed up in the midst of the Let’s Go Sit In The ER For Nine Days Waiting To Get Placement For Hawthorn Center Debacle of 2020, so I didn’t “pick” a primary physician for Jerah in time. Not that his regular primary physician would be on the list for BCN. We had our regular doc at the Poor People Health Clinic because we both had Medicaid for the first few years I was clean and trying to get my life back on track. Man, those were the days!!! Medicaid! EVERYthing Jerah needed was covered! I mean we had more help than we knew what to do with! We had food stamps, and case managers, and in home care, and everything was paid for… then my dumb butt went to college and got an education and NOW WE ARE ACTUALLY POOR. We can’t go to the Poor People Health Clinic anymore because we have “real insurance.” We don’t qualify for food stamps. We have to fight with BCN about EVERYTHING. IF BCN would just say “No. Screw You. We aren’t going to cover it,” then Medicaid would pick it up. But, no…. BCN says, “Here, fill this out. Go see this doctor. Go to this AAEC and have an approved facility diagnose Jerah with what he already has. Get on this wait list. Here is gap coverage. Maybe some day we will pay for part of this. Maybe. We’ll call you back. We’ll make a decision and send it to you in the mail. Maybe. Maybe. Some day.” Meanwhile… back at the ranch, we don’t have any in home support AND we don’t have a primary doc that has ever met us, during a pandemic… so I left a explanation message on New Primary Doc’s scheduling voicemail (because of course during a pandemic getting a human to answer a phone is not possible… I mean, The Virus is not transmitted over the phone, so like… if ANYONE should be ACTUALLY WORKING RIGHT NOW, IT SHOULD BE THE PHONE ANSWERING PEOPLE! I mean… really). So, maybe someday we will be able to get the non psych med scripts refilled. Some day. Maybe.

Anyhow, Just Jerah is doing really well. He really likes “At Home School.” He probably really likes it because he has learned very quickly that mom will “lessen the demand” if he says “No thank you” and starts to get upset. Which means there is a lot of “Mommy do it,” when it comes to the writing down of the answers. He still does the brain work, but the physical labor of writing or coloring, “Mommy do it.” And Mommy does it, because, truth be told, she absolutely loves being home doing At Home School with her Just Jerah. His is just so darn cute! He was playing his Animal Crossing game and his avatar got stung by wasps… when that happens your little avatar gets a swollen eye lid and looks very unhappy. You have to give him medicine. Jerah isn’t sure how to do that whole process yet, so he says “Oh NO! HELP PLEASE!” Very panicked sounding. I come running, worried he has hurt himself some how (he does run and jump and gallop through the house a lot, so injuries could happen at any moment). He hands me his game, where he has hidden his avatar behind a building, because “LOOK! Eye broken!” I show him again the process to take the healing medicine. Jerah jumps with glee that his avatar no longer has a broken eye. God in heaven, I love being home with this boy… help me come to terms with returning to work part time next week… if that is your will, Father God, I will do it, but if it is your will to give me a little more time home with this precious young man, I will gladly take it. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Have a great day, folks. It is the only Monday, July 13, 2020 we will ever have! Make it a good one! And God bless you all.

Published by justjerah

I am Mom to Jerah (a super cool 14 year old diagnosed with autism), a social worker on the side, a recovered drug addict established 4/15/2014, and a highly creative person who needed another artistic outlet, so welcome to our blog.

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