Just Jerah in his natural habitat

Just Jerah on a typical Saturday

One sock, obviously. Tablet with learning games is on the charger next to him. He is playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on his Nintendo Switch Lite. In the game he likes to walk around the museum and look at his fish. He likes to catch fish and he likes to swim. Oh, and shake fruit off of trees and leave it laying there on the ground. Some nights after he goes to bed, I get on his game and collect all the fruit and sell it for him so that more fruit will grow for him.

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The Case of the Strange Disappearing Toes…

Jerah and his one sock off kinda world…

I often say, “Oh, that’s Just Jerah.” Thus the blog title… Jerah has many little quirks. Autism is a litany of quirks and oddities and I find them infinitely fascinating. Not Just Jerah’s quirks, but other folks’ too, not just the ones with autism but folks that are considered neurotypical have their quirks too. Quirks absolutely fascinate me.

This would be what Jerah’s toes should look like…

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Insurance plans, we have a few…

Jerah was originally covered by his dad’s insurance primary, then Medicaid, secondary. Then we started having behavioral issues at the end of last year, and I was worried that Jerah would need more insurance coverage because I received a letter in the mail telling me that his Medicaid benefits were being ended because I make too much money. I do not make a lot of money, folks… but according to the government, apparently I am well-to-do, wearing pearls and high heels around my mansion, drinking tea with my pinky finger pointed up towards my chandeliered ceilings.

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It’s a one sock kinda world.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?  -Dr. Seuss

For the longest time, this dude has had one sock on and one sock off…

I asked him about 7 years ago, “Hey, dude, why you always wearing just one sock around the house?”  He answered brightly, “Try it!”  I did not try it.  I have my own little quirks and idiosyncrasies and one of them is that I appreciate symmetry.  I can barely stand that HE won’t wear both socks!  

He has slightly better verbal skills now, so I asked again… “Hey dude, why you always got one sock off?”

Jerah says solemnly, “Toe hurts,” and points at the offending toe. His toes are long and knuckley. They are sprouting teenage boy hair. The toe in question has a thickened area to the toe nail, but it doesn’t look much different than any of his other toes. He continues to point at it, maybe thinking I can help the situation. My usual answer to these sorts of situations is “Do you wanna band-aid?”

I don’t offer a band-aid though, because two days ago, he had this odd pimple looking thing on the inside of his elbow. It was a big white head or a boil or something… it looked like it was going to burst any second and it looked uncomfortable. And honestly, it was creeping me out, so I offered a band-aid.

That back fired though because two hours later, he decided he wanted the band-aid off. And that skin on the inside part of your elbow… well, it is wimpy and doesn’t tolerate a band-aid pulling on it. Add that fine arm hair of his into the mix, well, let’s just say, I am surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police and report a possible murder happening. Jerah screams the most blood curdling, high pitched, “I’m-being-stabbed-to-death-somebody-do-something!” kind of screams when it comes to removing band-aids. Why I continue to offer them to him, I have not yet figured out. It took about 45 minutes, but we eventually got that sussed out.

So, anyway, that’s why I don’t offer a band-aid for this toe situation. (I am learning!) I just chalk up the toe issue to growing pains or the fact that it appears he has athlete’s foot. (Telehealth appointment in our future, I am sure, but I am going to try essential oils first!)

We go for a walk every evening before shower time. Jerah’s 14th birthday was last Monday and Poppa got him some new sandals. We are walking along and Jerah stops, whining loudly, “TOE HURTS!” I look down to try to investigate this distressing toe of his, and I CAN’T SEE ANY TOES!


He looks at me shyly and then looks at his feet and his toes pop back into view. “Dude!?” They disappear again. “Dude… wait… J, are you walking on your toes?” They make a quick appearance again and then gone again.

Has my kid been walking on his toes inside his shoes for the last SEVEN YEARS and none of us noticed? I watch his feet the whole 0.63 miles that we walk… his big toe stays where it is supposed to be, but the other four toes… they curl under and get walked on.


I guess we need a telehealth orthotics appointment, but I don’t think those are really possible…. I suppose it means yet another waiting list.

I kind of hope he keeps his one sock off thing though… even if they fix his ouchie toe. I love the quirks that make us unique.


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