The Case of the Strange Disappearing Toes…

Jerah and his one sock off kinda world… I often say, “Oh, that’s Just Jerah.” Thus the blog title… Jerah has many little quirks. Autism is a litany of quirks and oddities and I find them infinitely fascinating. Not Just Jerah’s quirks, but other folks’ too, not just the ones with autism but folks thatContinue reading “The Case of the Strange Disappearing Toes…”

Insurance plans, we have a few…

Jerah was originally covered by his dad’s insurance primary, then Medicaid, secondary. Then we started having behavioral issues at the end of last year, and I was worried that Jerah would need more insurance coverage because I received a letter in the mail telling me that his Medicaid benefits were being ended because I makeContinue reading “Insurance plans, we have a few…”


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