The Case of the Strange Disappearing Toes…

Jerah and his one sock off kinda world…

I often say, “Oh, that’s Just Jerah.” Thus the blog title… Jerah has many little quirks. Autism is a litany of quirks and oddities and I find them infinitely fascinating. Not Just Jerah’s quirks, but other folks’ too, not just the ones with autism but folks that are considered neurotypical have their quirks too. Quirks absolutely fascinate me.

This would be what Jerah’s toes should look like…

But, they look like this!

He curls them under. No wonder he walks with such a forceful heel scuff. I tried to imitate his walk and yeah… my toe hurt too!!!


Toes are so important to a proper gait. In one of my previous lifetimes, back in my 20’s and early 30’s (“way back before the earth’s crust hardened,” as my 10th grade math teacher, Miss Cox, used to say), I was a Physical Therapist Assistant. I studied proper gait. And how to fix improper gait issues. Jerah will most likely need orthotics. Something to keep his toes out where they belong…! Them knuckly things keep hiding for some reason.

And I learned this week that Just Jerah actually has reasons for those quirks… perhaps we all do, and that is probably why I find them so fascinating. Because I want to know you… what makes you, you.

Published by justjerah

I am Mom to Jerah (a super cool 14 year old diagnosed with autism), a social worker on the side, a recovered drug addict established 4/15/2014, and a highly creative person who needed another artistic outlet, so welcome to our blog.

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