Some things I have learned the hard way…

-drugs are bad… mmmkay?

-too much of a good thing is usually not a good thing.

-we often don’t fully appreciate the things we get easily.

-change is a good thing (who wants their life to be just as it is today five years from now?)

-gluten can make you really sick…

-they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you really can.

-do not ever EVER date someone you work with!

-don’t borrow or lend money to friends.

-despite what they try to teach us in kindergarten: not everyone has to be your friend; you don’t have to like everyone, you just have to be decent to everyone.

-saving money is a lot harder than spending it!

-a lot of times the advice people give you doesn’t really fit you, because they are not you…

-along that line, people often talk with great confidence about things they really know nothing about, so… always check your sources!

-today’s expectations are tomorrow’s resentments.

-do your best not to put the keys to your own happiness in someone else’s pocket.

-Jesus DOES love you, and when you take the time to learn about him, you wonder why you didn’t take the time sooner… and people speak about him with great confidence, but make sure you develop your own personal relationship with him… some of his supporters are a little mixed up sometimes! In this case, don’t judge a man by his followers! ❤

-it’s going to be okay.

-the struggle is NOT real, struggle is a lack of surrender, a lack of acceptance.

-we teach people how to treat us…

-I am my biggest problem and most often the only thing standing in my way.

-when you are young, put lots of sunscreen on your hands! They’re the oldest looking part of my body now!

-the truth always finds a way out

-when you cheat, you’re really only cheating yourself in the end.

-if you aren’t happy where you are, you won’t be happy where you get (because happiness is a choice – happiness is a matter of careful editing!)

-you can actually be friends with people who don’t agree with you

-sometimes the grass is greener because it is fertilized with ca-ca.

-diet pop makes you crave sweets and carbs.

-you can have success or you can have a long list of excuses, but you can’t have both.

-we ALL have time, it all depends on what you choose to make a priority in your life…

-that said, motivation is also a choice… it isn’t something some people are born with and some people aren’t… it is a matter of commitment.

-you don’t run out of love; the more love you give, the more love you have… it multiplies exponentially.

-there’s no such thing as a short cut or a free lunch.

-it is absolutely okay to not have all the answers and it is absolutely okay to be wrong! How else can you learn and grow if you don’t make mistakes!

-each time you overcome your fear, you build confidence.


-don’t try to take Jerah’s temperature on his big toe! (O.o) I guess it is labeled a “forehead thermometer” for a reason, and I am not as funny as I think I am, carelessly pointing that thing at a young man’s toe… how crazy can a mother be?! 😀

Published by justjerah

I am Mom to Jerah (a super cool 14 year old diagnosed with autism), a social worker on the side, a recovered drug addict established 4/15/2014, and a highly creative person who needed another artistic outlet, so welcome to our blog.

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